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Lil Wayne – Mirror ft. Bruno Mars Music Video

Lil Wayne Eye Tattoo

Lil Wayne Side Tattoo

Lil Wayne Side Tattoo

Lil Wayne A-OK

Watch the Video

Lil Wayne John Music Video

Lil Wayne John Music Video

Lil Wayne I’m Single Video more..

Lil Wayne's - I'm Single Music Video

New Shot of Lil Wayne from da Inkredible Music Video

Lil Wayne Face Tattos

Lil Wayne Gettin Arrested:

Check out all of Lil Wayne’s sickk Tattoo’s, which one do you think is the dopest??

“Every time I come around the city BLING-BLING”

Lil Wayne’s new eye tattoo, that he said his mom asked him to cover up a tear drop [video link]

Can get a good look at Lil Wayne’s leg tattoos here; “Young Money” on the right leg.

Lil Wayne’s chest tattoos, check out the “Rolls Royce” symbol on his left bicep, bigg pimpin!

Can see Lil Wayne’s neck tattoos including “East Side” and a big W and “Weezy”

A good shot of all Lil Wayne’s chest tattoos can see the classic “Cash Money” symbol.

Lil Wayne has some dope back tattoos, check out that skeleton and bible versus, deeep!

Can see Lil Wayne’s arm tattoo “92782″ his birthday 9-27-82

Got the smiley face in his mouth.

Check out the 3 dots on his head, reminds me of the predator movie.

Can see the ESPN tattoo on Wayne’s elbow.

Lil Wayne gettin’ one of his face tattoos.

A close up shot of the “misunderstood” tattoo on his face.

Lil Wayne’s original rap group the “Hot Boy” tatted on each hand.

Can see his eye tattoos “I Fear God” because god can take everything without warning.

Can see Lil Wayne’s “Soo-Woo” and Young Money (Yankees Symbol) tattoos.

Can see Lil Wayne’s sun on his shoulder and the words Baby in red.

Lil Wayne infamous Alien Tattoo

Lil Wayne’s back without the skeleton, but can read some of the bible verse.

His “I AM MUSIC” tattoo above his eye-brow for his I Am Music tour.

Lil Wayne and Birdman showing off all of there tattoos.

Lil Wayne’s tattoo on his palm “A Gun” funny that is the reason he’s going to jail now…a gun.

Can see all of Lil Wayne’s tattoos in this picture of him hitting a J.

Lil Wayne in Top Hot and forehead vein tattoo showing clearly.

Lil Wayne Old Tattoos

Lil Wayne Old Tattoos

Lil Wayne Tattoos with Glasses

Lil Wayne Tattoos with Glasses

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