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Lil Wayne – Young Moula Baby! Mixtape

Posted on Nov.27, 2009 - view more Drake, KiD CuDi, Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Mixtapes ↓, T-Pain

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Listen to Lil Wayne’s Young Mula Baby mixtape, ya diggg??

Lil Wayne - Young Moula Baby! Mixtape

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01. Lil Wayne – Young Money Roster Intro (1:07)
02. Lil Wayne, Drake & Kid Kid – I Want Dis Forever (4:15)
03. Lil Wayne, Drake & Kid Kid – Stunt Hard (5:11)
04. Lil Wayne & Kid Kid – Bullshit (3:16)
05. Lil Wayne & Kid Kid – Gorilla (3:09)
06. Lil Wayne & Kid Kid – Real Shit (5:41)
07. Lil Wayne & Lil Chuckee – Too Clean (3:36)
08. Lil Chuckee – Ya Heard Me (3:09)
09. Lil Wayne & Lil Twist – Thatll Be Cool (4:22)
10. Lil Wayne & Drake – Ransom (5:18)
11. Lil Wayne & Kid Kid – Fuck A Nigga Thoughts (3:34)
12. Lil Wayne, Tyga & Rich Boy – Coconut Juice (Remix) (3:20)
13. Lil Wayne & Mack Maine & T-Pain – Got Money (Remix) (4:00)
14. Lil Wayne & Jae Millz – Holla At A Playa (4:35)
15. Lil Wayne, Kid Kid & Mack Maine – Talk To The Pillow (5:25)
16. Lil Wayne & Bobby Valentino – Smile (4:42)
17. Lil Wayne & Kid Kid – Dats My Nigga (6:21)
18. Lil Wayne, Drake & Kid Kid – I Can Take Your Girl (6:26)
19. Lil Wayne & Drake – Brand New (3:05)
20. Lil Wayne – Carter 4 Outro (0:24)

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