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Wale – Best Of, So Far: Wale Mixtape

Posted on Mar.19, 2010 - view more Mixtapes ↓, Rihanna

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Sup G,

Gotta listen to this Best Of Wale Mixtape

Wale - Best Of, So Far: Wale Mixtape

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1.Wale’s Service Announcement
2.The freestyle
3.A.D.D. Part 1
4.Am I Dreaming
5.The Manipulation
6.Contemplate (Feat. Rihanna)
7.The Crazy
8.Wonder Why (Feat Big Sean and Mike Posner)
9.Rediscover Me
10.I Think They Crazy
11.Get Throwed
13.Oh Let’s Do It Freestyle
14.Uptown Roamers
15.The Bmore Club Slam
16.Who Don’t (Feat. Fat Trel Black Cobain)
17.What They Know About Wale
19.They Warming Up Kane
20.Even If It’s Wrong
21.Word Play (Feat. Curren$y)
22.Cause I’m African
23.The Kramer
24.Ice And Rain
25.She Not Mine (Throwback)
26.You (Feat. Lloyd)
27.Talkin Shyt (Feat. Bun B)
29.Rhyme Of The Century
30.DC Gorillaz
32.A.D.D Part 2
33.My Grammy People
34.The Cliche Lil Wayne Feature
36.Warwick Avenue (Feat. Duffy)
37.New Soul (Feat. Yael Naim)
38.Bittersweet (Feat. Colin Munroe)
39.Fly Away
40.Thank You

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  1. DJAH!

    This is my tape! CHYEA! Stay tuned for more from dJ AH and check me out at:

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